40,000 golden trout will be stocked in Richwood area

Richwood, WV – On April 1, 2019, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources will stock a bounty of golden rainbow trout all through the state of West Virginia.

A year ago, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources turned the waterways and lakes an eminent gold. This year, they intend to do precisely the same thing at a greater number of areas than a year ago.

The DNR will stock 40,000 golden rainbow trout in 16 streams and 41 lakes all through the state, including Summit Lake, which is found a few minutes outside of Richwood. Alongside that, they will stock the trout in the Cranberry River and the Greenbrier River.

This statewide occasion will occur all throughout week, finishing on April 6, 2019. Along these lines, pack your bags, get your fishing pole, and go catch some golden rainbow trout!

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Jharad K. McClung-Lester

Jharad K. McClung Lester is the founder of The Richwood Leader. He's a bi-weekly columnist at the Rogue Review, and has words published in the Charleston Gazette, Lone Conservative, and FlipSide News.
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