A Unique Restaurant located in a Unique Town

Richwood, WV – Whistle Punk Grill and Taphouse is a unique restaurant located at 35 Main Street in Richwood, West Virginia.

The tasty restaurant, owned by Lance and Stacy Raffo, serves delicious artisan-style cuisine, a variety of beer and wine, and even hosts live music events on the weekends.

During an interview with the owner, Stacy Raffo, I asked, “What prompted you and Lance to start a restaurant like Whistle Punk?”

“Lance has always wanted a restaurant, he has worked in the food and beverage industry for over 25 years and wanted to do his own establishment,” she responded, adding, “We found out that the building was going to become available and decided to give it a try.”

I later asked, “Do you plan to keep Whistle Punk in Richwood, or would you like to expand the restaurant throughout the state of West Virginia?”

“Eventually we’d love to have a couple of other locations but for now our focus is on this location. We’d like to expand our business by brewing our own beer and working more closely with area farmers in the future,” Stacy said.

Prior to interviewing Stacy, I knew that the Whistle Punk Grill and Taphouse is not only unique because of their food, but their location is historically significant regarding the town of Richwood. The building in which they operate is a whopping 96-years-old; in 1923, the building was introduced to the town as the Richwood Bakery.

Therefore, I posed the inquiry, “What is unique about your restaurant?”

In response, she said, “We think nearly everything about Whistle Punk is unique, such as our location, décor and our wide, varied menu,” later adding, “People aren’t used to seeing the food or the beer selection we serve in Richwood.”

Along with that, when Lance and Stacy were remodeling the interior of their restaurant’s building, they tried to preserve as much of the original aspects of it as they could. In the restaurant, the ceiling tiles, hardwood floors, and windows are all original.

When asked about their cuisine, Stacy said, “We make nearly everything from scratch, using raw ingredients. All of our beef is from a farm near Weston [Weston, WV], and we source our greens and vegetables locally as much as possible.”

She concluded the interview by saying, “Our chefs take no shortcuts. They use real ingredients to make our food, and we feel like you can taste the difference.”

Yes, indeed, we can all taste the difference. The Whistle Punk Grill and Taphouse is a restaurant with great food, a diverse beer selection, and extraordinary service. They offer an amazing, friendly environment within their doors and even outside of them.

They operate Tuesday-Thursday from 11 AM until 9 PM, Friday and Saturday from 11 AM until 10 PM, and Sunday from 12 PM until 8 PM.

The Whistle Punk will also be hosting Matt Kiser at 7 PM this Saturday night on April 13, 2019.

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Jharad K. McClung-Lester

Jharad K. McClung Lester is the founder of The Richwood Leader. He's a bi-weekly columnist at the Rogue Review, and has words published in the Charleston Gazette, Lone Conservative, and FlipSide News.
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