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On December 31, 1945, subsequent to serving in World War II, Bronson McClung returned to the place where he grew up, Richwood, West Virginia. Alongside him was Jim Comstock, who likewise served in World War II.

Bronson, who was 10 years younger than Jim, was taught by Mr. Comstock at Richwood High School. Truth be told, John McClung, which is Bronson’s son, can tell a story about Jim Comstock himself about the time he needed to toss both Bronson and his own sister, Madeline, out of his class because of their unruly behavior.

Notwithstanding, just after the two men returned home from World War II, Jim Comstock saw Bronson’s inspiration, coarseness, and hard working attitude. Along these lines, both Jim and Bronson contributed their time and minimal expenditure they had left to publish The Nicholas County News Leader.

In June of 1946, the two men distributed the first issue of the weekly publication. As a start, they would print each issue from the printing press that was situated in Jim’s own basement. After for a short time, they had the capacity to buy their very own newsroom.

To many, what the two were doing was totally crazy. Be that as it may, in spite of the fact that it started as a flawed endeavor, it before long sparked even more life into the clamoring town of Richwood and eventually turned into the focal point of the town.

Unfortunately, all extraordinary things must reach an end. In the late 1970’s, Bronson McClung sold his half of The Nicholas County News Leader. A few years from that point onward, in 1984, the paper ceased publication.

Ironically, the founder of The Richwood News Leader, Jharad K. McClung Lester, happens to be the great grandson of Bronson McClung.

In the wake of seeing the 2016 flood that crushed Richwood and numerous other communities in West Virginia, Jharad, alongside numerous others, perceived how stunning it really is to see residents of a community meet up as an aggregate in order to push through hardship.

Presently, it’s sheltered to state that Richwood still can’t seem to get away from the gridlock it faced from the flood. Be that as it may, Jharad K. McClung Lester is determined to do whatever he can to help the city get back on its feet.

The Richwood Leader fills in as a news and opinion site with respect to the town of Richwood. Regardless of whether it’s uplifting news or awful news, you, as the reader, will probably discover it here. As the primary wellspring of news for residents of Richwood, we would like to extend, and form into the focal point of the town, enabling all residents to be educated and connected on what’s going on.

It’s anything but difficult to be a follower.

However, it takes drive, devotion, and diligent work to be a leader. So, in order get past the hardships we are as of now confronting, we as a whole should seek to be leaders in the community.

Become a Richwood Leader and enjoy reading The Richwood Leader!

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