First concert of the summer was a success

Richwood, WV – Nearly one-hundred people gathered at the Sculpture Garden in Richwood yesterday night, June 14, 2019.

Gabe Dixon and the Whiskey River Band performed many great songs last night — the band did so well to where they had people dancing the entire time. Many motorcyclists attended, along with several families. Little children danced their hearts out, which helped the parents of those kids out tremendously, so they too could enjoy such an excellent performance.

Pictured above: A kid who danced the night away for nearly two full hours.

Along with that, Whistle Punk Grill & Taphouse had a great night of business. Many of the families attending the concert flooded the restaurant to dine in and enjoy a great dinner. Not to mention, an abundance of adults poured in to get an adult beverage, and socialize with all of the others in attendance.

All in all, Gabe Dixon and the Whiskey River Band’s performance was a success last night — successful for their band, and a significant victory for the city of Richwood. The adults and children in attendance had an outright blast, which made the event even more stellar than it already was.

Whistle Punk Grill & Taphouse will host Chet Lowther tonight, June 15, 2019, inside their restaurant. Everyone: Come out, spark dialogue with others, enjoy great food and beverages, and jam out to, potentially, another excellent performance!

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Jharad K. McClung-Lester

Jharad K. McClung Lester is the founder of The Richwood Leader. He's a bi-weekly columnist at the Rogue Review, and has words published in the Charleston Gazette, Lone Conservative, and FlipSide News.
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