Searching for Volunteers: Trail Days in the National Forest

Richwood, WV – The Monongahela Outdoor Volunteers will be prepping for this summer as they begin cleaning local trails on May 11 and May 18 of 2019.

They are searching for volunteers to assist them in clearing downed tree limbs, small trees, and other debris from the trails.

If you are one wanting to help, prepare to wear boots or hiking shoes, pants, a long-sleeve shirt, and a jacket. Along with that, bring water, snacks, work gloves, sunglasses, and a small backpack.

According to the Monongahela Outdoor Volunteers group, you must expect to hike two to three miles in the wilderness, drag rather large branches, cut small trees, remove leaves from the drainage ditches, and have lots of fun, meet new people, and learn new skills.

If you’re interested in assisting them in this project, all volunteers will be meeting at the Richwood Visitors Center, located at 38 Edgewood Avenue, Richwood, WV, at 10 A.M.

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Jharad K. McClung-Lester

Jharad K. McClung Lester is the founder of The Richwood Leader. He's a bi-weekly columnist at the Rogue Review, and has words published in the Charleston Gazette, Lone Conservative, and FlipSide News.
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